Beth Ashton

Beth Ashton


Watching rugby league for free has been instilled in Beth from birth.  As a small child, she was lifted over the barriers at Wigan’s Central Park (now a Tesco that she frequents in homage to the historic site) to watch a team comprised of Wigan rugby league legends –Edwards, Farrell, Offiah and Robinson to name but a few. Although she remembers nothing from that season but the mascot (a bloke dressed up as a pie) the point is that it was free.


As her brother continued the family tradition of running fast and playing rugby league quite well, Beth was able to freeload as a spectator. Now, posing as a rugby league writer, Beth continues an impressive streak of free rugby with an overall aim to earn the equivalent sum in free tickets as she paid for her English Literature degree in Leeds, which she largely neglected in the name of rugby league.


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As the rugby league season draws to a close with Warrington and Leeds going head-to-head in a rematch of the Challenge Cup on Saturday and Sam Tomkins picking up the most prestigious individual award in rugby league when he collected the Man of Steel award from Bradley Wiggins last night, I take a look back...  

By Beth Ashton